Our Mission

Mississippi Burn FoundationOur Missions

Mission Statement

To offer financial assistance, support and care for burn victims and their families throughout the State of Mississippi.


Caring, Serving, Assisting

Mississippi Burn Foundation (MBF) was founded in 1976 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of offering financial assistance to burn victims who truly need our help to overcome some of the hardships a serious injury presents. Through tax-exempt donations and grassroots fundraising efforts from firefighters, civic organizations, corporations and private citizens throughout the State of Mississippi, MBF helps burn victims meet the high costs incurred during treatment and recovery.


Meeting the Needs of Patients and Families

MBF is committed to meeting the needs of patients and their families, no matter what. Many Mississippi burn patients are treated outside the State of Mississippi. MBF assists burn victims throughout the state, no matter where they go to receive the care they need.


Ongoing Support

The need for assistance continues after the burn patient is released from the hospital. MBF provides medications, supplies, pressure garments, and travel expenses when a family needs assistance.