Firefighter Calendar

2016 Calendar nomination information

Everyone knows that the Mississippi Burn Foundation’s Firefighter Calendar is the hottest calendar out there. From January to December, checking your schedule will be your favorite part of your day thanks to some of our state’s handsome firefighters who have volunteered their good looks for a cause they believe in.

The Firefighter Calendar is the centerpiece of our annual campaign to raise funds for burn survivors and families who need our help.

Serious burn injuries are devastating. They are some of the most painful injuries that can be experienced, and the recovery process can be overwhelming—physically, emotionally and financially. The Mississippi Burn Foundation is a community-wide, grassroots safety net for burn survivors and their families who are struggling to make it through the trauma of an injury and the excruciating demands of the recovery process.


Sales of our Firefighter Calendar help us provide care and comfort to burn survivors who need help accessing and affording life-saving treatment, specialized supplies, medications, travel expenses, and everything else that a successful recovery requires. Sadly, there are many cases in which the costs of these essential burn-treatment necessities aren’t covered through Medicare or Medicaid.


These funds will also help us achieve our goal of building a new Burn Center Lodge which will provide a place for families of burn patients to stay, free of charge, while they visit their loved one. Many of these families must travel far from home to be with their loved one, and a welcoming shelter for their stay can make all of the difference for them as they’re able to focus on caring for their injured child, parent or spouse, rather than finding and affording temporary housing.


Please consider supporting the Mississippi Burn Foundation by purchasing a Firefighter Calendar. Our promise is that what you spend will be no match for the value you get in return. You’ll know it every time you look at your calendar and feel great—not only because of our Mississippi firefighters’ good looks, but also because of the knowledge that you helped make a difference in the lives of burn survivors and their families.


Be a part of the healing process for burn survivors and their families who need your help. Purchase a Firefighter Calendar today.

We are now taking nominations for the 2016 Calendar.  Please fill out this form and send it in:  2016 Calendar nomination information

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions at 601-540-2995 or by email at I love sharing the value of our work with people and businesses who care.




Amanda Fontaine

Executive Director